Arizona 5th District: Rep. Harry Mitchell (D) vs. David Schweikert (R) by Gregory Hilton

One of the top GOP challengers this year is former Arizona House Majority Whip David Schweikert. He is intelligent, articulate and effective, and would instantly assume a leadership role on Capitol Hill. In 2008 he was defeated by Congressman Harry Mitchell (D) by a 53% to 44% margin. He is running again and in a poll out today he is trailing the incumbent by just 1% (45 to 44 percent). This is J.D. Hayworth’s old Congressional seat.
The problem is that 6% of the voters are self-described conservatives who are backing the Libertarian candidate. Libertarians have already cost the GOP three seats in the U.S. Senate, a governorship, and they flipped two states to Obama. Many Republicans believe voting libertarian is the same thing as voting for liberals.
A major issue in in the campaign is illegal immigration. Schweikert says the states economy is being trashed by illegals that are coming across an unsecured boarder. He says the threat to the our country is real, and the Federal Government has failed. Schweikert represents the sentiments of 81% of Arizona voters when it comes to the SB 1070. What Arizona is doing is similar to what happens abroad where people are required to carry documents at all times. Others commenting on the race include:

John J. Jakubczyk, a Phoenix attorney who is on the board of Arizona Right to Life, says Schweikert: “is a good man and will represent the district well, but also because he is concerned about the fundamental principles of this nation, he will serve all of us as we would hope. He has good ideas. He is not naive about politics. He is tested and is ready to make a difference.”

Liz Michael of Tombstone, a self described “Ron Paul Republican” says “Harry’s a great guy personally. He just votes for the wrong things. He can be my next door neighbor any day of the week, but as my congressman, he’s gotta go.”

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