Daily Archives: September 11, 2010

New York Times Predicts 45 to 50 Seat House Gain

Based on its survey data, The New York Times is today predicting a landslide victory which will result in Republican control of the House of Representatives. The GOP needs to gain 39 seats to capture a majority and The Times is predicting a gain of 45 to 50 seats. Dr. Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia, one of the nation’s top election analysts, is predicting a 47 seat gain.
The Times Forecast Center uses sophisticated modeling techniques and their analysis of polling data is well regarded. A loss of 45 seats would result in 210 Democrats and 225 Republicans in the 112th Congress. They are also predicting 30 governorships and 48 Senate seats for the GOP. The newspaper says GOP “gains could potentially rival or exceed those made in 1994, when they took a net of 54 seats from the Democrats.”