Daily Archives: September 7, 2010

Obama’s OMB Director: Extend Bush Tax Cuts

In his debut article as a columnist for The New York Times, Peter Orszag is urging a two year extension of the Bush tax cuts. Orszag was the Obama administration’s OMB Director until the end of July, and he previously was Speaker Pelosi’s Director of the Congressional Budget Office. Continue reading

Mayor Daley Retires, Liberals Take Aim at Rahm Emanuel by Gregory Hilton

Mayor Richard Daley (D-Chicago) announced his retirement earlier today. He will not be seeking re-election to a 7th term and the Daley era which began with his father’s 1956 victory is coming to an end. Also coming to an end is the excellent reputation the city once had. In half a century it has gone from “the city that works”, to a Worker’s Paradise as Mayor’s have continually caved into the demands of public employee unions. The first Mayor Daley was regarded as a conservative Democrat but now the city is as liberal as San Francisco and the decline is apparent. One example is the steep loss of convention business because of union wages and rules. The school system is not well regarded and the corruption is generations old. Continue reading