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In Rep. Patrick Kennedy’s (D-RI) Footsteps: Is Kara Russo “Cute and Crazy”? by Gregory Hilton

Kara Russo is seeking the GOP nomination to succeed retiring Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI). She is the only Republican candidate in the nation who is also the campaign manager for a Democrat.

In every election cycle controversial candidate emerge in both parties. This year Republicans have to contend with Senate candidates who want to bring back prohibition and overturn the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Most observers were surprised these topics were being discussed because they certainly are not national campaign issues. Political reporters are now describing two additional GOP candidates as “cute and crazy.”
They are referring to Christine O’Donnell who is running for the Republican Senate nomination in Delaware and Kara Russo who is trying to replace retiring Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI). Once again, no one is quite sure why these topics are being discussed, but O’Donnell has let voters know she is against masturbation and pre-martial sex, and many voters believe she is a witch. Russo believes the 9/11 Twin Towers were brought down by a “controlled demolition.” Continue reading