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Taking Aim: Congressman Mike Castle (R-DE) Responds to His Conservative Critics by Gregory Hilton

Congressman Mike Castle (R-DE) has served in the House of Representatives for 18 years. He was Governor for 8 years, and also served as Lt. Governor and was in the state legislature for a decade.

After four decades in elective office, Congressman Mike Castle’s fate will be determined in Tuesday’s Republican primary for the U.S. Senate. A Public Policy Poll released on Sunday night has him running slightly behind conservative activist Christine O’Donnell. Castle was won 12 statewide elections and would not have a problem winning Vice President Joe Biden’s old Senate seat in a general election. However, he has to first survive the primary.
The Congressman is not a social conservative, but claims to be a fiscal conservative. He often refers to himself as a moderate, but right wing critics castigate him as a liberal Republican. They also say there is no difference between a liberal Republican and a liberal Democrat. Castle is not hiding from his four decades as a moderate, but strongly objects to being lumped in with liberal Democrats. Continue reading