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2010 Election Predictions – The GOP Tsunami: 79 House Seats, 10 Senate Seats and 12 Governors by Gregory Hilton

The GOP election Tsunami means help will soon be on the way for a struggling economy. President Obama will be able to veto legislation, but the days of the Democratic super majority, stimulus spending, and the Capitol Hill favor factory are over. The new GOP lawmakers will demand deficit reduction, an end to many burdensome regulations and continuation of all the Bush tax cuts.

My predictions for the 2010 election are based on the most current survey research data and the “incumbent rule.” This is determined on the Friday before a Tuesday election. It says incumbents who are running under 50% and do not have a 6% lead will lose. With this in mind, I have awarded many seats to the GOP where the Democratic incumbent still has the lead. Undecided voters tend to break for the challenger. Because of the so-called enthusiasm gap, I am also predicting a GOP turnout 8% higher then the Democrats. Continue reading

Today’s Bomb Plots and the Patriot Act by Gregory Hilton

The major news today is about two failed bomb attempts from Yemen. This calls to mind the short-sighted outlook of liberals and libertarians. They want to cut the Pentagon budget by $1 trillion over a decade, they want to abolish the Department of Homeland Security, and they want to repeal the legislation which has already
captured many potential terrorists (the USA Patriot Act and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act). Continue reading

Democrats Agree: A Vote For The Libertarians Is A Vote for the Liberals by Gregory Hilton

The article below demonstrates yet another reason why libertarians are dangerous for the conservative movement. Liberal Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN) is in a very close race for re-election. The Democratic Party of Indiana has paid for a mailing to all Republicans in his district promoting the Libertarian candidate who they call “the real conservative.” The Libertarian is being praised for all of the issues the Democrats are against. A Libertarian vote is really a Democratic vote. If you don’t believe me, just ask the Democratic Party of Indiana.
As the article notes, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Indiana said:

When the Indiana Democrat Party sent a mailer promoting the Libertarian candidate to Republicans in the 9th Congressional District earlier this week, I called it underhanded and the worst sort of political cynicism. Today, I have learned that they have pulled the same outrageous stunt in the 2nd Congressional District, and I am disgusted that Rep. Joe Donnelly would join in on such a misleading and desperate tactic. His involvement in such a mockery is insulting to every resident of the 2nd District, and shows that he is no longer deserving of Hoosiers’ votes. I call on Indiana Libertarian Party Chairman Sam Goldstein to join me today in denouncing such deceptive campaign practices by Indiana Democrats and Rep. Donnelly. Hoosiers deserve better from their elected officials, candidates and political parties.

BOOK REVIEW: “40 More Years: How Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation” by James Carville, Simon & Schuster, 209 pages

Review by Gregory Hilton
40 More Years: How Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation was published on May 4, 2009, and the author was the architect of Bill Clinton’s 1992 victory. James Carville never imagined that six months after publication Democrats would lose governorships in New Jersey and Virginia, and were on the way to turning over Ted Kennedy’s seat in the U.S. Senate. Continue reading

The 2012 Presidential Campaign: Iowa Will Be Center Stage For The Next Year by Gregory Hilton

January 3, 2008. Mitt Romney concedes defeat to Mike Huckabee in the Iowa Republican presidential precinct caucuses. Now the 2012 campaign is about to begin.

As soon as the polls close this year, the 2012 presidential campaign will begin in earnest. There has been remarkable GOP unity since Barack Obama’s election, but this will be difficult to maintain next year as Republicans join competing bandwagons of the presidential contenders. Similar to 2000 and 2008, Republicans are expected to divide themselves into economic, social and national security camps, with significant overlap in each category. Continue reading

When America Finally Turned Against Slavery – The Wilmot Proviso by Gregory Hilton

The February 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the Mexican War. The United States acquired tremendous new territory and at the end of the year war hero Zachary Taylor would be elected as America's last Whig President.

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo.

Passage of the Wilmot Proviso in the House of Representatives was truly a great moment in America history. It is one of the few Congressional debates which completely changed the political landscape. All of the old issues (the tariff, a national bank and internal improvements) were placed on the back burner. House voting patterns and party loyalties radically changed, and slavery now dominated the Congressional agenda. Continue reading

The Ron Paul Brigade: Dr. Frank Palmer Purcell Believes Israel Was Behind the 9/11 Attack by Gregory Hilton

They are teaching your children. This is Dr. Frank Purcell of the City University of New York who describes himself as a “pacifistic paleoconservative with libertarian leanings.” He has a graduate degree from Columbia University but believes Israel was behind the 9/11 attack. Continue reading


We are now seeing the final pre-election polls and it is a clear a powerful 10.0-magnitude Tsunami will strike America on November 2nd. This has instigated panic among Democrats and 14 of their Congressmen have now publicly abandoned Speaker Pelosi. Continue reading

For Middle-Age Men Only: My Surefire Advice on How To Meet Spectacular Women by Gregory Hilton

Many of my wonderful single male friends are not happy with their social lives. Dating was much easier in their twenties and thirties because desirable women were plentiful at the parties and nightclubs they attended. Continue reading

Today’s Trivia: Do You Know Me?

I left Capitol Hill decades ago but no Congressman has ever matched my record. Freshman lawmakers such as Henry Clay (KY) were elected Speaker, and others were able to pass important legislation.
Nevertheless, they didn’t come close to my achievement. For 20 years everyone in America knew my name. I started a national crisis, all of the old issues were tossed aside, and I significantly changed both political parties. Continue reading