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Mayor Dave Bing Says Detroit Has Suffered Under Liberal Leadership – by Gregory Hilton

The most important election on Tuesday for conservatives is not in VA, NJ or NY-23. It is electing Detroit Mayor Dave Bing to a four year term with a City Council that will undo decades of liberal damage. Detroit and Atlanta both saw tremendous white flight in the 1960s and ’70s, and both cities had 70% black populations.
The key difference is that business friendly Atlanta was revitalized with the addition of 1,100 companies from around the world. Low state taxes, right to work laws, and the absence of burdensome regulations led to $70 billion in private investment which generated over 1 million new jobs. Detroit never recovered from the 1967 riots and it became America’s murder capital.
Mayor Bing knows the auto industry did not kill Detroit. It was a City Hall at war with its business community and middle class. Bing wants to follow Atlanta’s example and he serves without a salary. His first targets are the public employee unions and the bloated city bureaucracy. Small business owners have told the Mayor it takes 7 years to acquire all of the permits necessary to open a store in Detroit, and most residents have to head to the suburbs for shopping. The next challenge is a school system with an 80% dropout rate.
Detroit is also our stolen car capitol. Garbage is piled up along the streets as bulk pick ups have been reduced from every month to every 3 months. The city has lost over one million residents and the situation is well beyond blight. Entire neighborhoods have been abandoned. They are now littered with burned houses, stolen cars, graffiti, dope dealing, and rampant prostitution.
Bing has already fired thousands of public employees during his five months on the job. His “turn around team” has 150 recommendations that will help solve the city’s $300 million deficit, and he has already implemented 24 of them. Detroit has not had a Mayor similar to Dave Bing since the 1950s. His election will be a huge setback for the liberal establishment, and a tremendous boost for the long suffering residents of Motown.