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Republican Reforms are Ready For The Slurpee Summit by Gregory Hilton

The President has a fondness for Hawaiian shaved ice rather than a 7/11 Slurpee, but it is close enough.

During the fall campaign, President Obama mentioned Slurpees 26 times. They were a standard applause line in his stump speeches and he usually said “We’re slipping and sliding and sweating, and the other side, the Republicans, they’re standing there with their Slurpees watching us.” In his conciliatory press conference after the election, the President suggested holding a “Slurpee Summit” with the new Republican leadership. Continue reading

Inaugural Balls and Presidential Vacations: Are They Too Expensive by Gregory Hilton

Several new Governors are being criticized for the cost of their Inaugural Balls. Among those who have received negative comments are incoming Governors Rick Scott (R-FL), Brian Sandoval (R-NV) and Mary Fallin (R-OK). Scott is having 26 marching bands and oysters Rockefeller, while Fallin will also have two pre-Inaugural Galas. Continue reading

Welcome Aboard Walker, We Are Pleased to Have You by Gregory Hilton

The election was over two months ago but the change continues. Since November 2nd, 22 state legislators have switched parties. Probably the most important was State Rep. Walker Hines of New Orleans. He is only 26, but has been a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives for the past three years.
He represents an urban district which is home to rapper Lil Wayne. Continue reading

The Nominees: The 2010 Lee Atwater Republican of the Year Award by Gregory Hilton

I had the pleasure and honor of working in the White House Political Affairs Office with Ed Rollins, Lee Atwater and Lyn Nofziger. They were all kind to me and the job was a real adventure.

We will soon mark the 20th anniversary of Lee’s passing, and I still miss him. I took this idea from the Democratic Underground organization which has its own “Lee Atwater Evil Republican of the Year Award” complete with a photo of his grave. They want to bash him but I want to remember his good qualities, and this is the type of discussion he would have enjoyed. Continue reading

Freshmen Orientation: New Members Have No Idea How Lucky They Are by Gregory Hilton

Former Rep. and Mrs. Thomas Foley (D-WA) and shown in January of 1965 with then House Speaker John McCormack (D-MA) and his wife. Foley served on Capitol Hill for 30 years before his defeat in the GOP landslide of 1994. He was House Speaker from 1988 until 1994. McCormack served from 1922 until 1970. He was Speaker of the House from 1962 until 1970. He was the last person to serve as Speaker who lacked a high school education.

Members of the House of Representatives freshman class will begin their official orientation session tomorrow, and many of them have no idea how lucky they are. New lawmakers in years past were never given the courtesies and opportunities which are now being extended to the incoming 112th Congress. Continue reading

2012 Redistricting: Liberals Release New Software Which Greatly Benefits Conservatives by Gregory Hilton

The GOP could gain anywhere from 10 to 25 Congressional seats through redistricting and reapportionment in 2012.

Political junkies similar to myself will enjoy an outstanding new redistricting application which was updated yesterday. A link to this free program appears below, and users will be impressed with the wide variety of current data which is already available. I have spent many hours playing with this application and I highly recommend it.
It is a lot of fun, but the serious point is that the GOP could gain anywhere from 10 to 25 Congressional seats in 2012. The gains would come through reapportionment and redistricting alone, and this would not involve defeating a single Democratic incumbent. Continue reading

Inside the RNC: The Race for Chairman Begins by Gregory Hilton

Former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman (R-MO) was narrowly defeated in the 2008 GOP gubernatorial primary. She deferred to Sen-elect Roy Blunt this year, but is now exploring a 2012 campaign.

The Next RNC Chairman
Members of the Republican National Committee face a difficult decision in January when Chairman Michael Steele’s term expires. Former Michigan GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis was defeated by Steele last time, but is now the first candidate to challenge his renomination. He is expected to have the support of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and his letter to RNC members was posted today: Continue reading

GOP Chairman Karen Floyd Retires: She Came, She Saw, She Conquered by Gregory Hilton

Karen Floyd announced today she would not seek a second term as Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party. While she disappointed her fans, Floyd, 48, is clearly leaving at the top. Continue reading

Obama and Reid Now Want to Talk: This is the GOP’s Opening Proposal by Gregory Hilton

Republicans want to be at the table with the President and the Majority Leader. The GOP will compromise and we have a lot to discuss with them.

A year ago I would not have predicted the re-election of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). His negative rating was 56% and Nevada had the highest unemployment rate in the nation. Reid portrayed himself as a moderate, but that was difficult to do after he became Majority Leader. Nevertheless, he has now been returned for a fifth term by a comfortable five percent margin. Continue reading

The GOP Victory: Real Change is Coming to Capitol Hill and America by Gregory Hilton

The next House Speaker, Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), is shown with the two most recent Speakers, Dennis Hastert (R-IL) and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Republicans and certain to capture control of the House of Representatives today, while the battle for the Senate will be close. President Obama’s veto power will remain in effect for another two years, but real and substantial change is clearly coming to Capitol Hill and America. The days of the Democratic super majority are over, and the end of the Speaker Nancy Pelosi/Majority Leader Harry Reid era is an enormous positive step for the American people. Continue reading