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The Great Speakers and the Failure of Nancy Pelosi by Gregory Hilton

The Republican Party did not realize it then, but they were about to give up power in the House of Representatives for 60 of the next 64 years. On March 4, 1931, Speaker Nicholas Longworth (R-OH) approached the rostrum for the last time. The first person on his feet was Jack Garner (D-TX) who would be his successor. Then every Democrat and Republican stood up and the applause was thunderous. Continue reading

Andrea LaFontaine’s New Job by Gregory Hilton

Andrea LaFontaine, left, quit her job on Saturday as a waitress at the Country Kitchen Restaurant. She started there at 13, and kept the job while working her way through college and graduate school. She will have her MA in August.
Andrea, 23, starts her new job at noon today when she is sworn in as the youngest member of the Michigan House of Representatives. She rode the GOP wave and defeated the Democratic incumbent. She was motivated to run because so many young people have left Michigan in search of jobs. Continue reading

My Fearless Predictions for 2011 by Gregory Hilton

Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss, January Jones and Christina Hendricks. Moss will win the 2011 Golden Globe for Best Actress.

  • Among those not running for President will be former Governors Sarah Palin (R-AK) and Mike Huckabee (R-AR) as well as Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN).
  • Oil will be at $100/barrel by the end of the year. At that time, gas prices will be a major issue in the upcoming Iowa presidential precinct caucuses.
  • The unemployment rate will be 9.3%, GDP will be 3.4% and Obama’s approval rating will be 52%. George Bush’s approval rating will have rebounded by 20% since he left office.
  • Continue reading

2010 Predictions: I Did Not Win The Crystal Ball Award by Gregory Hilton

I knew it before she did! One of my few successful predictions was that Mariah Carey would be pregnant. She is now expecting twins.

As Milton Friedman use to say, “Predictions are extremely difficult, especially when they’re about the future.” The article I posted a year ago today is listed below, and I definitely did not win the Crystal Ball Award. In fact, my overall track record in making these predictions has not been impressive. This year my score was 13 Wrong, 6 Correct and 6 Partials. I should definitely stick to politics rather than sports where I was practically wiped out. Continue reading

Trivia Questions: Has a Snow Storm Ever Resulted in a Political Upset? by Gregory Hilton

QUESTION: Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) is now receiving negative news media coverage because he is at Disney World while his state is suffering from a snow storm. His Lt. Governor is also out of state and Democrats are in charge of the emergency. Has a snow storm ever resulted in a major political upset? Continue reading

Christmas at the White House: Historical Trivia Questions by Gregory Hilton

President George W. Bush and his family gather for the last time at Camp David on Christmas, December 25, 2008. Seated front row, Lauren Bush, Ashley Bush, Ellie LeBlond, Gigi Koch, Elizabeth Andrews, Marshall Bush, Pace Andrews, Walker Bush. Second row, John E. Bush, George P. Bush, Barbara Bush, Pierce Bush, former President George H.W. Bush, former First Lady Barbara Bush, President George W. Bush, First Lady Laura Bush, Jenna Hager, Top row, Mandi Bush, Sam LeBlond, Neil Bush, Ally Bush, Maria Bush, Bobby Koch, Doro Koch, Margaret Bush, Marvin Bush, Columba Bush, former Gov. Jeb Bush, Henry Hager, Noelle Bush, and Robert Koch.

QUESTIONS: When did the first Christmas Tree appear at the White House? Who sent the first Christmas cards? When was the first Christmas Party, the first tree lighting ceremony, the first official message and the first tree with a theme? Which President banned Christmas trees? Which President avoided all Christmas celebrations? Which President ordered the tree to be immediately decorated 26 days after Christmas was over? Are religious ornaments banned at the White House? Continue reading

Remembering Laurence (Larry) Fay by Gregory Hilton

Larry Fay and I are on the extreme right, and as usual, our liberal friend Rich Bartmon is on the left!

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

After a fall on December 13th, Larry Fay of Katonah, New York has died of a brain hemorrhage. His funeral was on Saturday. I met him in the 7th grade and we had many adventures together. We were on the Cross Country team for the next six years where he was the captain and wore number one on his running shirt.
Larry had two homes and was a successful and talented architect from a prominent family. His father who died two years ago was a Goldman Sachs partner during its glory years. Continue reading

Trivia Quiz Answer: Jay Cooke

ANSWER: In the United States, what is known as the Panic of 1873 (or the “Crisis of the Gilded Age”), began at 11 a.m. on Thursday, September 18, 1873. Wall Street was devastated before the day was over. I had no idea what would happen when I arrived at work that morning. We had a cash crunch and my firm could no longer meet its obligations. Continue reading

TRIVIA: Who was the first President to fly? When did we first start referring to Air Force One?

The President is shown with Democratic members of the Illinois Congressional Delegation aboard Air Force One. (Reps. Jesse Jackson, Jr., Dan Lipinski, Danny Davis, Mike Quigley and Bill Foster, standing).

QUESTION: Why doesn’t President Obama act like his predecessors by having informal conversations with the news media? On long flights they would all go to the back of the plane for friendly bantering with the press. Continue reading

Trivia Question: Do You Know Me?

QUESTION: Do you know me? I am the subject of several books and in my day everyone knew my name. My father served in Congress, my portrait is on display at the Treasury Department, and several schools, parks and towns have been named in my honor.
A future President of the United States frequently visited my home, but I ended up supporting his opponent. When my large statue was unveiled, the dedication speaker said the war would not have been won without me. At the request of the White House, I raised today’s equivalent of $73 billion for the war effort.
I was a tremendous success as well as a spectacular failure. I was also a “comeback kid,” and I hope my experiences will benefit you. In September of 2008, the investment banking firm Lehman Brothers failed which instigated a global recession. Continue reading