Trivia Question: Do You Know Me?

I was considered a great beauty in my youth and I married a Yale educated attorney. We had 10 children and over 50 servants (you would call them slaves). Our large estate is now part of a well known university with over 20,000 students.
Both my father and husband were U.S. Senators. My husband also held top cabinet offices, and was near the pinnacle of American politics. Our era is long gone, but two issues closely identified with my husband are still being debated today. He would be very pleased.
I did not mean to do it, but my actions caused a huge political upheavel which resulted in the election of an unexpected choice as President of the United States. It happened because I was the original gossip girl, however, if it is true it is not gossip!
A handsome man held my husband’s former senior position in the cabinet. I liked him, but not his low class wife. They were having an affair while she was still married to her first husband which resulted in his suicide. She had a terrible reputation and I had no intention of socializing with her. To be frank, only high society women attended social functions at our home.
Of course I was intentionally snubbing her, but I had done that to many women. The person you should blame for this controversy is the President of the United States. His fiscal policies were absurd, and he should have been concentrating on the economy rather than my dinner parties.
What did he want, a civil war? Many places, streets, schools and landmarks have been named after my husband. He was even on the currency, and a large lake in the upper Midwest and a Navy vessel are also named in his honor. Color photography did not exist in my day, and this photo is of a model who portrayed me.
Do you know my name?

One response to “Trivia Question: Do You Know Me?

  1. Why, Miss Floride, you look stunningly beautiful. Give my regards to John and rest of the Calhoun family.

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