If You Don’t Balance The Budget Your Fired by Gregory Hilton

Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) is shown this afternoon in the dining room of the Executive Mansion in Madison. He is holding one of the six pens he used to sign the first bill to take back power from greedy public employee unions.
These are exciting times for fiscal conservatives. Another major bill to roll back union power will soon be signed by Gov. Rick Snyder (R-MI). The Michigan House and Senate has already approved legislation that threatens to take over and even dissolve local governments that refuse to balance their budgets by breaking labor contracts.
According to the law, the Governor will be able to declare “financial emergencies” in towns or school districts and appoint someone to fire local elected officials, break contracts, seize and sell assets, and eliminate services. Furthermore, Idaho is in the process of limiting public employee union collective bargaining and ending teacher tenure, for good.
The national battle is just beginning, and it will be difficult.
Liberal activist groups have already raised $2.3 million to recall six Wisconsin Republican State Senators. These GOP heroes will be in DC next week. The 14 missing Democratic State Senators will finally return to Wisconsin tomorrow where they will be featured at a liberal/labor union rally at the state capitol. The left is energized, and conservatives must continue to stand with our champions in Wisconsin, Michigan and state houses throughout Blue America. This is the change we can believe in.
The Michigan Attorney General, former Congressman Bill Schuette (R), has said the law is constitutional and the Governor can use these emergency powers to address the fiscal crisis left behind by a liberal Democratic Governor and a reckless legislature. This is not 2009, and GOP Governors are not asking for another stimulus to bail them out.

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