New York Special Election: Jane Corwin Will Make a Difference by Gregory Hilton

It was a sad day for conservatives in 1989 when then Rep. Donald Lukens (R-OH) was involved in a sex scandal, but new leaders emerged. The Congressman’s former legislative assistant is now Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) and the man who defeated Lukens in the 1990 GOP primary is now Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).
Another sad day happened a few weeks ago when Rep. Chris Lee (R-NY) also resigned from Congress because of a sex scandal. Jane Corwin, the second most conservative member in the State Assembly, is already the frontrunner to fill his vacancy. The date for a special election to succeed Lee has not yet been set, and Democrats still do not have a candidate in this GOP leaning district.
Corwin will have an outstanding voting record, but she also appears destined for leadership. The Assemblywoman says the current battle in Wisconsin against greedy public employees is beginning to be fought in New York, and it is about time. In both Wisconsin and New York public employee unions gave liberal politicians massive campaign contributions, and were rewarded with cushy contracts which are clearly unaffordable.
New York is one of the highest tax states in the nation, and it faces enormous fiscal challenges. Corwin says tax increases and the hope for another bailout from the Obama Administration are both off the table.
Corwin recently gave Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) a standing ovation when he called for the layoff of 9,800 public employees. She says the state will have to get more work done with fewer people.
Corwin predicts Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel (D-Chicago) will soon be renegotiating public employee pensions, and that also has to happen in New York. Gov. Cuomo is a liberal but GOP lawmakers are fully supporting his call for layoffs, budget cuts and additional reforms. Balancing the state’s budget with spending cuts is the proper solution, and it is a task the GOP has readily embraced.
It is not often a conservative Republican praises a liberal Democrat, but Cuomo is trying to enact several of Gov. Chris Christie’s (R-NJ) key reforms. He has made a no new tax pledge, and wants to cap property tax increases. Similar to New Jersey, Cuomo wants to require a super-majority to raise them by more than 2 percent a year.
Corwin is a partisan Republican, but she is willing to cross party lines to save her state.
What she is experiencing in New York is a common message throughout Blue America where numerous cities and states caved in to extravagant labor union demands. The predictable result has been higher costs, higher taxes and higher debt. Furthermore, the states of Blue America are losing revenue, jobs and population.
Carl Paladino, the 2010 GOP nominee for Governor, says “Jane will be part of the movement to take our country back. She has an MBA and three decades of experience in creating jobs. Washington needs leadership that will stand up to the liberal special interests and Obama-Pelosi agenda. She is the right choice to represent us in Congress.”
UPDATE: Boehner won the 1990 GOP nomination with 49 percent of the vote. Former Rep. Tom Kindness finished with 32 percent and Lukens with 17 percent. Kindness had been out of office for four years after losing the 1986 Senate race to incumbent John Glenn (D).

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