Do You Know Me?

By Andrea Masano
QUESTION: Do you know me? By the end of World War I, I was the most famous man on the planet. I was born to middle class parents in England and my profession took me to the United States.
Although I was famous in both my private and personal life, my high profile created adulation as well as controversy.
I was glad to have a job during the Great Depression, and my profession was perceived as a gift to he world.
People mostly knew me as a vagrant with the refined manners, clothes, and dignity of a gentlemen. It is this vagrant characteristic that Americans, especially immigrants identified, as I embraced the same difficulties and humiliations of the immigrant underdog, the constant struggle at the bottom of the American heap. It took a while before I spoke in public. Many times people felt sorry for me.
I was at the forefront of my industry, but I refused to embrace new technology. The result is that I had no voice in modern times.
I made fun of the great dictator Adolph Hitler, which was viewed as an act of courage. I was awarded for my endeavor in the company of my peers.
I had left leanings during the McCarthy era and Congressional figures threatened to call me as a witness in hearings. Eventually, I left the US, and move back to Europe.
Out side of my profession I was also a songwriter and Michael Jackson has said that one of my songs was his favorite.
I had a lifelong predilection for much younger woman. I had numerous relationships, many wives, and 11 children. One of my daughters achieved fame by fictionally being cheated on by her husband, a Russian doctor.
Do you know my name?

ANSWER: My name is Charlie Chaplin (April 16, 1889 – December 25, 1977)

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