The Outlook for ObamaCare by Gregory Hilton

Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI), the new Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, today said ObamaCare will be repealed by the House before the State of the Union Address. Upton said the real surprise will be the number of Democrats voting for repeal. Upton is predicting a two-thirds veto-proof majority. A veto proof (67 votes) majority does not exist in the Senate.
I like Upton’s enthusiasm but I am skeptical of his prediction. He says “If you switched four votes from last March, that bill would have gone down. So we’ll take the Democrats that voted no, we will take other Democrats who probably agree …with Speaker Pelosi’s statement. Remember when she said we want to pass this thing because then we’ll learn what’s in it? Well now the American public does know what is in it. Unpopularity numbers are as high as 60 percent across the country. I don’t think we’re going to be that far off from having the votes to actually override a veto.”
Many of the Democrats who voted no last year have been defeated, and while I doubt we will approach a two third vote, it is still important to do this. The GOP must fulfill its promise even if it is only window dressing at the outset. Repeal needs to be put on the record. The GOP’s best prospect for passage is repeal of the individual mandate, but it will also be vetoed by Obama. The primary strategy will then focus on defunding the program, without any money there is no health care reform. Blocking the Omnibus spending bill already blocked ObamaCare. Once any program is appropriated it becomes almost impossible to repeal.

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