The End of the Pelosi Era by Gregory Hilton

At noon on Wednesday this sign will be replaced. After a four year absence, open rules and amendments will return to the House of Representatives. The Senate will no longer be run by a series of cloture motions to cut off debate.
Lawmakers will once again be able to legislate, and the glory days of the Progressive Caucus and a dictatorial Speaker will be over. The special interest favor factory in the Appropriations Committee will be shut down.
For the first time ever, C-SPAN cameras will be placed in the Rules Committee, and the Speaker’s executive jet will be returned to the Air Force. The House Committee on Global Warming, union card check, the public option, and the cap and trade national energy tax will all be history.
The House will immediately repeal ObamaCare. In the past, Congress addressed fiscal problems by taking money away from Social Security, and kicking the can down the road. Now the deficit will be reduced, and a new era of fiscal responsibility will have arrived.

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