Daily Archives: January 2, 2011

Republican Reforms are Ready For The Slurpee Summit by Gregory Hilton

The President has a fondness for Hawaiian shaved ice rather than a 7/11 Slurpee, but it is close enough.

During the fall campaign, President Obama mentioned Slurpees 26 times. They were a standard applause line in his stump speeches and he usually said “We’re slipping and sliding and sweating, and the other side, the Republicans, they’re standing there with their Slurpees watching us.” In his conciliatory press conference after the election, the President suggested holding a “Slurpee Summit” with the new Republican leadership. Continue reading

The Outlook for ObamaCare by Gregory Hilton

Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI), the new Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, today said ObamaCare will be repealed by the House before the State of the Union Address. Upton said the real surprise will be the number of Democrats voting for repeal. Upton is predicting a two-thirds veto-proof majority. A veto proof (67 votes) majority does not exist in the Senate. Continue reading

The End of the Pelosi Era by Gregory Hilton

At noon on Wednesday this sign will be replaced. After a four year absence, open rules and amendments will return to the House of Representatives. The Senate will no longer be run by a series of cloture motions to cut off debate. Continue reading