Inaugural Balls and Presidential Vacations: Are They Too Expensive by Gregory Hilton

Several new Governors are being criticized for the cost of their Inaugural Balls. Among those who have received negative comments are incoming Governors Rick Scott (R-FL), Brian Sandoval (R-NV) and Mary Fallin (R-OK). Scott is having 26 marching bands and oysters Rockefeller, while Fallin will also have two pre-Inaugural Galas.
Democrats are using these events to criticize the incoming Republicans and at the same time they are justifying the costs of President Obama’s vacations. They are claiming former President Bush spent 879 days on vacation during his eight years in office. What they do not mention is that Bush worked out of Camp David on 487 days and spent another 490 days at his Crawford ranch.
Many of the Inaugurals are not a major expense to the taxpayers. For example, the various bands often held bake sales or car washes to finance their trips to the capital so they could be involved in a prestigious event. People who attend the Inaugural Galas have to pay and the overheard is paid for by the private sector, not the taxpayers.


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