Cute and Crazy: Shelly Adams by Gregory Hilton

Shelly Adams joins Kara Russo and Chelene Nighingale in the Cute and Crazy category. She just told me “The Bush Family should all be arrested as War Criminals and Traitors! F–k Jeb Bush!” She wants to abolish both political parties, and posts offensive and antisemitic articles (check out her Notes section), which are absurd.
Her main theme is that “Zionist Jews want to bring their Communism to America.”
Her article today is about “unconstitutional” legislation which will be introduced in the next Congress by Senators Arlen Specter, Evan Bayh and Rep. Chris Shays. None of them will be members of the next Congress, and Shays was defeated in 2008.
Her fun activity was burning “a copy of the Jewish Zionist Satanic Talmud and Torah and a copy of the 9/11 Commission Report at midnight on September 11th.” Of course she believes the government knew of the attack. This is how she identifies members of Congress: “Sen. Joseph Lieberman (JEW-CT).” I know the name Shelly Adams and her photo are both fake, but the hatred is all too real. She even denies the Holocaust took place.
The fact that this woman needs to put up fake pictures and make up things shows that she is ashamed of herself and her positions. An article about her antisemitism appears in Mother Jones.
It is a disgrace that the John Birch Society is being invited to once again co-sponsor this year’s conservative CPAC conference. Facts never stand in the way of the Birchers and the radical libertarians. There will always be fringe groups and extremists, but the libertarians are rapidly gaining strength in the GOP.
This is the link to her profile:!/profile.php?id=100001188015321

2 responses to “Cute and Crazy: Shelly Adams by Gregory Hilton

  1. I am one of her friends on Facebook. It is my opinion and the opinion of several of us that she is not only a fake photograph and name, but a fake profile altogether. There is some anecdotal evidence that we will not release at this time that suggests that “she” is a “he”, and that he may, in fact, be working with or for the Dept. of Homeland Security or FBI, building a file on what some (including probably you, Mr. Hilton) would call extremists (the love of freedom and liberty being such an extreme pastime and all…). The government is known to build files on activists, so this is not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

    We are investigating her actively, and may release some information in the coming months. There are several items that cause some of us to doubt her authenticity, and while I cannot go into them here, rest assured that she is not who she says “she” is.

    I enjoy your blog, though, and have been here a few times. I disagree with most everything you write, but I enjoy your style of writing, and look forward to many more articles. Have a great year, Mr. Hilton.

  2. “Shelly Adams” is indeed a fake Facebook personality. I don’t mind people being anonymous, or choosing not to show themselves, but using an unwilling person’s likeness is low-class. The poor girl in the pictures, surely has no idea that her photos are being used.

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