Daily Archives: December 30, 2010

Cute and Crazy: Shelly Adams by Gregory Hilton

Shelly Adams joins Kara Russo and Chelene Nighingale in the Cute and Crazy category. She just told me “The Bush Family should all be arrested as War Criminals and Traitors! F–k Jeb Bush!” She wants to abolish both political parties, and posts offensive and antisemitic articles (check out her Notes section), which are absurd.
Her main theme is that “Zionist Jews want to bring their Communism to America.” Continue reading

2010 Predictions: I Did Not Win The Crystal Ball Award by Gregory Hilton

I knew it before she did! One of my few successful predictions was that Mariah Carey would be pregnant. She is now expecting twins.

As Milton Friedman use to say, “Predictions are extremely difficult, especially when they’re about the future.” The article I posted a year ago today is listed below, and I definitely did not win the Crystal Ball Award. In fact, my overall track record in making these predictions has not been impressive. This year my score was 13 Wrong, 6 Correct and 6 Partials. I should definitely stick to politics rather than sports where I was practically wiped out. Continue reading