Lisa is a Lesbian, But is She a Liberal? by Gregory Hilton

Lisa Artgal is in the middle of this photo.

My friend of the day is Lisa Artgal of Tuscon. We did not agree earlier this year on the Arizona Senate primary. I believe Sen. John McCain (AZ) is the GOP’s best spokesman on defense and foreign policy issues, and after the 2008 campaign, he has been an outstanding conservative leader. Lisa is an anti-abortion activist and I would never accuse her of not being a conservative.
That is what is happening today. Lisa is a lesbian and a member of GOProud, and this gay rights group is under attack for not being conservative. The following organizations are withdrawing from the CPAC conference because of GOProud’s participation: Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America, American Principles Project, American Values, Capital Research Center, the Center for Military Readiness, Liberty Counsel, and the National Organization for Marriage.
Lisa has responded by saying: “As someone who is gay, prolife, Reagan conservative and supports GOProud, I can attest they indeed DO support conservatism! Besides, if you voted for a RINO – such as supporting McCain’s re-election bid in AZ this year – you are more liberal than anyone I have met in GOProud!
“I am really disgusted by the element of so-called conservatives who scream for less government intrusion into our lives yet want to use government to their ends. Specifically, let’s look at the Defense of Marriage Act which is using big government to interfere in state affairs! It’s states that issue marriage licenses – not the federal government, but you’re inviting a new layer of government into the matter.
“Frankly, before there is any talk of marriage amendments, let’s get rid of the REAL problems our nation faces such as growing debt, punitive taxation, homeland security threats, liberalism, government takeover of education and confiscating more private enterprises & property, repealing Obamacare and becoming more energy independent.
“Do we not agree on those matters? Whether you’re willing to be honest about the military or not: gays have been serving in the military! We serve honorably and love our country. . .
“Stop the hypocrisy and mass hysteria about gays over-running the military. My God! Those entering the military are NOT the boys dressed as cheerleaders on the floats at gay pride events.
“Most of us are very private and productive citizens who own businesses some of you on this page buy from and interact with in some capacity. Some of us have also been very vocal (like myself) in wanting to stop sex education from being taught at public schools for ALL grades – please go to Tammy Bruce’s site ( and search her conversation w/ Chris Barron of GOProud (of which Tammy is a board member, too) on that very subject: opposing sex ed in schools.
“We are also staunch defenders of people of faith – we are your best friend whether you care to admit that or not. . . GOProud does not take a stand on abortion per se; however, they do not support any federal funding on any level for abortions. I am solidly, 100%, unapologetically prolife and do stand in that fight as well – and vocally.
“I will always continue speaking for our most innocent and vulnerable members of the human family, so do not cloak us all as abortion supporters as that simply is not true. Listen, you don’t have to agree with GOProud on all things, but can you at least be honest? And please, GOProud is NOT a liberal organization! Do your homework before jumping on the mass hysteria wagon.”


One response to “Lisa is a Lesbian, But is She a Liberal? by Gregory Hilton

  1. I met Lisa (Artgal) in Indianola, IA at the Tea Party where Sarah Palin spoke. It was really refreshing talking to her and hearing her views on a lot of the issues that are so important today. She loves this country and knows what’s best for her. Looking fwd to reading more of her articles at and seeing her at Tea Party events. Thanks for all you do for Arizona Lisa!

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