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Inaugural Balls and Presidential Vacations: Are They Too Expensive by Gregory Hilton

Several new Governors are being criticized for the cost of their Inaugural Balls. Among those who have received negative comments are incoming Governors Rick Scott (R-FL), Brian Sandoval (R-NV) and Mary Fallin (R-OK). Scott is having 26 marching bands and oysters Rockefeller, while Fallin will also have two pre-Inaugural Galas. Continue reading

Cute and Crazy: Shelly Adams by Gregory Hilton

Shelly Adams joins Kara Russo and Chelene Nighingale in the Cute and Crazy category. She just told me “The Bush Family should all be arrested as War Criminals and Traitors! F–k Jeb Bush!” She wants to abolish both political parties, and posts offensive and antisemitic articles (check out her Notes section), which are absurd.
Her main theme is that “Zionist Jews want to bring their Communism to America.” Continue reading

2010 Predictions: I Did Not Win The Crystal Ball Award by Gregory Hilton

I knew it before she did! One of my few successful predictions was that Mariah Carey would be pregnant. She is now expecting twins.

As Milton Friedman use to say, “Predictions are extremely difficult, especially when they’re about the future.” The article I posted a year ago today is listed below, and I definitely did not win the Crystal Ball Award. In fact, my overall track record in making these predictions has not been impressive. This year my score was 13 Wrong, 6 Correct and 6 Partials. I should definitely stick to politics rather than sports where I was practically wiped out. Continue reading

Will Sarah Palin Run in 2012? by Gregory Hilton

Her reality show has come to an end, but the TLC network announced today that on April 5th it will release a DVD of all seven shows for $19.98. Based on this week’s polling numbers, I am not sure it still is “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” Her approval rating in the state has dropped by 50%, and it would not be a surprise if the family moved to Arizona to join her daughter Bristol. Her national numbers from PPP and CNN/Opinion Research are not encouraging. Continue reading

Lisa is a Lesbian, But is She a Liberal? by Gregory Hilton

Lisa Artgal is in the middle of this photo.

My friend of the day is Lisa Artgal of Tuscon. We did not agree earlier this year on the Arizona Senate primary. I believe Sen. John McCain (AZ) is the GOP’s best spokesman on defense and foreign policy issues, and after the 2008 campaign, he has been an outstanding conservative leader. Lisa is an anti-abortion activist and I would never accuse her of not being a conservative. Continue reading

Trivia Questions: Has a Snow Storm Ever Resulted in a Political Upset? by Gregory Hilton

QUESTION: Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) is now receiving negative news media coverage because he is at Disney World while his state is suffering from a snow storm. His Lt. Governor is also out of state and Democrats are in charge of the emergency. Has a snow storm ever resulted in a major political upset? Continue reading

Ford Finally Beats Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord by Gregory Hilton

It has taken decades, but the United States has finally beaten Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord in the all important reliability category. The data comes from Consumer Reports which gives its highest possible distinction, the Excellent Rating, to the Ford Fusion.
They describe Fusion as a car that performs 60% better than its peers, and will last for 200,000 miles. It is the Motor Trend Car of the Year and its hybrid version won the 2010 North American Car of the Year Award. Continue reading

Welcome Aboard Walker, We Are Pleased to Have You by Gregory Hilton

The election was over two months ago but the change continues. Since November 2nd, 22 state legislators have switched parties. Probably the most important was State Rep. Walker Hines of New Orleans. He is only 26, but has been a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives for the past three years.
He represents an urban district which is home to rapper Lil Wayne. Continue reading

Christmas at the White House: Historical Trivia Questions by Gregory Hilton

President George W. Bush and his family gather for the last time at Camp David on Christmas, December 25, 2008. Seated front row, Lauren Bush, Ashley Bush, Ellie LeBlond, Gigi Koch, Elizabeth Andrews, Marshall Bush, Pace Andrews, Walker Bush. Second row, John E. Bush, George P. Bush, Barbara Bush, Pierce Bush, former President George H.W. Bush, former First Lady Barbara Bush, President George W. Bush, First Lady Laura Bush, Jenna Hager, Top row, Mandi Bush, Sam LeBlond, Neil Bush, Ally Bush, Maria Bush, Bobby Koch, Doro Koch, Margaret Bush, Marvin Bush, Columba Bush, former Gov. Jeb Bush, Henry Hager, Noelle Bush, and Robert Koch.

QUESTIONS: When did the first Christmas Tree appear at the White House? Who sent the first Christmas cards? When was the first Christmas Party, the first tree lighting ceremony, the first official message and the first tree with a theme? Which President banned Christmas trees? Which President avoided all Christmas celebrations? Which President ordered the tree to be immediately decorated 26 days after Christmas was over? Are religious ornaments banned at the White House? Continue reading

The True Meaning of Christmas by Gregory Hilton

My parents have passed away but at Christmas I am reminded of our family traditions. When I was young my mother read “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Her message was neither unique nor especially profound. She felt it was important for a small child to understand why Ebenezer Scrooge was so unhappy. He had every…thing as far as material wealth was concerned, but had been miserable for decades. Continue reading