New Senate Moves to the Right by Gregory Hilton

Majority Leader Harry Reid has offered the Charimanship of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee to Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA). This is a plum assignment with national exposure. Warner briefly ran for president and DSCC would bolster his future prospects. Warner said no because his state lost three Democratic Congressmen and a fourth is ahead by only 820 votes.
Warner really wanted the job and was actively campaigning for it. He hosted numerous private dinners at this Alexandria home for his colleagues, and DSCC would have placed him in the Democratic leadership and given him a reason to visit numerous states. Tim Kaine, who served as Warner’s Lt. Governor, is now Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.
Warner changed his mind because of the election outcome. Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) will have a difficult time being re-elected in 2012, and Warner now has to worry about his own future. If Warner is identified as a national spokesman for liberal Democrats it would not be well received in Virginia. My expectation is that Senators Warner and Webb will both shift to the right in the 112th Congress.

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