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2010 Election Predictions – The GOP Tsunami: 79 House Seats, 10 Senate Seats and 12 Governors by Gregory Hilton

The GOP election Tsunami means help will soon be on the way for a struggling economy. President Obama will be able to veto legislation, but the days of the Democratic super majority, stimulus spending, and the Capitol Hill favor factory are over. The new GOP lawmakers will demand deficit reduction, an end to many burdensome regulations and continuation of all the Bush tax cuts.

My predictions for the 2010 election are based on the most current survey research data and the “incumbent rule.” This is determined on the Friday before a Tuesday election. It says incumbents who are running under 50% and do not have a 6% lead will lose. With this in mind, I have awarded many seats to the GOP where the Democratic incumbent still has the lead. Undecided voters tend to break for the challenger. Because of the so-called enthusiasm gap, I am also predicting a GOP turnout 8% higher then the Democrats. Continue reading