Democrats Agree: A Vote For The Libertarians Is A Vote for the Liberals by Gregory Hilton

The article below demonstrates yet another reason why libertarians are dangerous for the conservative movement. Liberal Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN) is in a very close race for re-election. The Democratic Party of Indiana has paid for a mailing to all Republicans in his district promoting the Libertarian candidate who they call “the real conservative.” The Libertarian is being praised for all of the issues the Democrats are against. A Libertarian vote is really a Democratic vote. If you don’t believe me, just ask the Democratic Party of Indiana.
As the article notes, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Indiana said:

When the Indiana Democrat Party sent a mailer promoting the Libertarian candidate to Republicans in the 9th Congressional District earlier this week, I called it underhanded and the worst sort of political cynicism. Today, I have learned that they have pulled the same outrageous stunt in the 2nd Congressional District, and I am disgusted that Rep. Joe Donnelly would join in on such a misleading and desperate tactic. His involvement in such a mockery is insulting to every resident of the 2nd District, and shows that he is no longer deserving of Hoosiers’ votes. I call on Indiana Libertarian Party Chairman Sam Goldstein to join me today in denouncing such deceptive campaign practices by Indiana Democrats and Rep. Donnelly. Hoosiers deserve better from their elected officials, candidates and political parties.

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