The Ron Paul Brigade: Dr. Frank Palmer Purcell Believes Israel Was Behind the 9/11 Attack by Gregory Hilton

They are teaching your children. This is Dr. Frank Purcell of the City University of New York who describes himself as a “pacifistic paleoconservative with libertarian leanings.” He has a graduate degree from Columbia University but believes Israel was behind the 9/11 attack.
The Libertarians quote him as an authority. Similar to many other admirers of Ron Paul, Frank is proud of his antisemitism and always defends Palestinian attacks on Israel. This is what he writes today:

“Ron Paul is a patriotic American whose first loyalty is to the United States and their Constitution, not to the State of Israel. Israel is our deadliest enemy. I do not forget the vicious attack on the USS Liberty, a US Navy vessel in international waters.
‎”I do not forget 9/11. I had a lot of time to think things over that day while you were watching it on TV. I realized that it was the inevitable result of fifty years of bribery and corruption of our government by the Israel Lobby and the insane pro-Israel position of the State Department.
“I did not know of the special relationship between bin Laden and Israel — that he alone of the Jihadis was off limits to the Mossad because he announced that his target was not Israel but America, and because an attack on America would serve Israel’s interest.
“I did not know of the Israeli ‘art students’ in Florida and movers in New Jersey who had the hijackers covered, who did their victory dance as the towers burned. I know now. . .
“No Islamic state ever attacked the armed forces of the United States on the high seas without provocation, and no Islamic state agencies were involved in 9/11. There is no reasonable doubt that the art students and movers were agents of Israel. I do not accept the conspiracy theory that the woman who saw the victory dance, the reporter from the Bergen Record, a paper I know and respect, the New Jersey State Police, and the FBI were all plotting against Israel on September 11. . .
“What were the future creators of Israel doing while the holocaust was going on? They were fighting against the Allies in the Middle East — on the side of the Nazis.”

His blog is “Up From Conservatism.” In his article “Beyond Palecon Games,” he says “All right, I’m sick of having to say, ‘No, they’re not real Conservatives, they’re Neocons, I’m the real thing.’ To which the response is, ‘Paleocon Nazi!’ And if this is a matter of semantics, am I anti-Semantic?” Frank never answers that question, but there sure is a lot evidence to indicate he hates Israel and all Jews.

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