Today’s Trivia: Do You Know Me?

I left Capitol Hill decades ago but no Congressman has ever matched my record. Freshman lawmakers such as Henry Clay (KY) were elected Speaker, and others were able to pass important legislation.
Nevertheless, they didn’t come close to my achievement. For 20 years everyone in America knew my name. I started a national crisis, all of the old issues were tossed aside, and I significantly changed both political parties.
One of the most famous cases in Supreme Court history said my idea was unconstitutional, but eventually it was successful in my lifetime. I was a freshman Democrat and I supported my President, but I was also in the forefront of those who advocated hope and change. At one time I was the focal point of every political debate, but now I am in history’s dustbin. Do you know my name, and do you know how I changed American history?

ANSWER: Rep. David Wilmot (D-PA). His importance is explained in my article on the Wilmot Proviso

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