The Young People Are Leaving: Italy’s Message For The United States by Gregory Hilton

The Time magazine article below is entitled: Arrivederci, Italia: Why Young Italians Are Leaving. It describes a major Italian problem, but it also is a warning for the United States.
During her four years as House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi never held a meeting with Republicans to discuss legislation. The Pelosi focus was on partisan politics not the national interest. The result is that she was unable to produce a budget and could not pass one appropriations bill. Her victories, the stimulus and ObamaCare, will be regarded as failures. The unemployment rate for young people in America mirrors the Great Depression.
Pelosi is Italian and she should visit Italy after the election to see the results of decades of legislative stagnation. There are no reformers in Rome. As this article emphasizes, 61.5% of recent college graduates express a desire to leave, even though they are very attached to their homeland.
Time magazine says “Italians across the world, are basically homesick for the rest of their lives.” The government spends $130,000 on their college education, but jobs are scare and underpaid, and 30% of Italians ages 30 to 34 still live with their parents.
Italy is losing its best and brightest to a decade of economic stagnation, a frozen labor market and an entrenched system of patronage. There is no innovation in Italy because high taxes and cumbersome regulations stop investment in the private sector.
Many of their policies are similar to our liberal Democrats. Italian reforms are all but impossible because of labor unions and special interests. Governments can collapse at any moment and the topsy-turvy politics means few politicians have a long term view. America is about to witness a watershed election, and I will be thrilled to see a GOP victory.
However, I hope Republicans do not elect their own version of Nancy Pelosi. Partisan politics are important, but the national interest is more important. I am glad we will stop the Obama agenda, but we also have to make significant progress in helping the American people. We can not follow Italy’s example.,9171,2024136,00.html

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