Many Conservatives Do Not Want Mike Castle in the U.S. Senate

Listed below are comments from conservative activists throughout the nation who are expressing strong reservations about Congressman Mike Castle (R-DE) in tonight’s U.S. Senate primary. Castle faces a serious challenge from Christine O’Donnell who is making her third bid for the U.S. Senate.

Rich M FLong, 26, of Wappinger Falls, NY: principles are more important than what jersey they wear. A vote for Mike Castle (R) is a vote for Chris Coons (D). Can someone explain to me what is good about electing a Democrat who votes like a Democrat? . . . When will the GOP establishment realize that moderation is how the left gets away with blaming every bad thing that happens on Republicans and they tell voters that’s what conservatism is.

James Pavlick of Southington, CT: I can’t wait to see the GOP establishment wringing their hands tonight after Christine drills the RINO into the ground! . . It is a given that Republicans will win the House, and that will allow them to issue subpoenas and initiate unending investigations. The GOP only needs one House to block the Obama agenda. Republicans will not be able to pass anything regardless because of the veto. For 2010 it doesn’t really matter if the GOP has one or two Houses. In 2012 there will be 22 Democratic seats up and 11 GOP Senate seats up. Republicans will win the Senate in 2012. Since they can’t pass anything between 2010- and 2012 regardless, why not use it to purify the party and drum out RINOs like Mike Castle. It will teach the GOP establishment that it can not support candidates like Castle and expect conservatives to fall in line simply because he has an R attached to his name.

If O’Donnell wins, it will discourage the RNC, NRCC and NRSC from supporting RINOs in the future. Maybe we lose the battle today, but we will win the war tomorrow. Think one step back today to take two steps forward tomorrow. When conservartives run as conservatives they win. The Ford/Rockefeller/Castle wing has never won anything. They are the party’s Achilles heal. If they are removed the party will be stronger. Think of it as weeding garden to create space for better things to come tomorrow. Think of taking out Mike Castle as removing a cancer to save the entire body.

James A. Rapier, 53, of Pleasanton, CA is a 30 year Air Force veteran: Castle is not a moderate. He is the most liberal Republican on record and has an “F” from the NRA! He is more liberal than Hillary Clinton. Conservative commentator Mark Levin says the smear job on O’Donnell is a pack of lies. Sarah Palin has a great commercial for O’Donnell. With Castle you have two choices; a liberal Marxist Democrat or a liberal RINO Marxist Repubican who always votes with the Democrats. That’s no choice at all.
Moderates are worthless and dangerous. They gave us Barack Obama and John McCain. They don’t care about the Constitution. They don’t stand for anything; so they fall for unconstitutional and anti-American policies every time. Castle is crap; pure and simple. No No No to Castle. It is time to fire this anti-American Socialist piece of human excrement.

L. L. Brown IV of NYC: Mike Castle is not a moderate. e is the perfect example of a RINO. He is left on social AND economic issues. He is not a Republican of any kind. Not conservative, not paleo-con,not neo-con, not libertarian, not anything. He’s a fraud. Castle voted for cap and trade. That is the most left wing economic legislation to come down the pike in years. He is NOT Scott Brown. He is not Giuliani running for mayor of NYC.

Tim Street of Rockledge, FL describes himself as a RINO hunter: Mike Castle is a Class A Libtard and for anybody to diminish an everyday American like O’Donnell who is a conservative patriot is a disgrace. Shame on Castle, shame on the ‘Republicans’ that spend money trying to defeat her in a primary simply because Castle is Old Guard. The ‘Republicans’ there won’t even send up an opponent to Beau Biden! What kind of defeatist philosophy are these people subscribing to?
It’s supreme idiocy that shouts Castle is electable when he’s behind in the damned primary! How is he to win a General if he can barely squeak by in a primary!? O’Donnell is my choice and while I can’t vote for her, I can certainly fund her, and I along with millions of other true conservatives are doing so. We care about ideology, not what team’s jersey you are wearing. A Republican that votes like a Democrat might as well be a Democrat. I despise a traitor. Castle ranks supreme among such men. . . The Tea Party is here and we’re bringing Constitutional Conservatism back to the blue blood country club Nixonian wing of the Republican party. We’re taking it back – and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Shayne Haid, 38, of Nashville, TN: I’m not a fan of the overall Tea Party movement. We’ve had three different Tea Party movements hijacked here in Tennessee, as the self pronounced leaders chased a huge profit. It seems as if we’ve replaced the worthless Republican machine with a worthless Tea Party movement in Tennessee. O’Donnell is exactly why voters should be responsible in vetting candidates. To some candidates it’s all about personal power and money, not about this nation and our people.

Bill Baron: Mike Castle is as bad as it can get. Having him on your team is like having cyanide in a kool-aid jug in your refrigerator.

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