A Short Season for Michael Tucker (1958 -2010) by Gregory Hilton

My fondest memories of Michael involve our complete agreement on political issues, Sunday polo matches, the Potomac Club, Gold Cup races, Mardi Gras, and many election night parties. He was kindhearted and I was often a recipient of his generosity.

My friend John Michael Tucker passed away at 5:30 am on Saturday morning. He was 52 and died of hepatic encephalopathy, or swelling of the brain due to liver failure. We were only casual acquaintances but we had many things in common and I will miss him. He was always a joy and a pleasure to be around.
He had a ready smile and kind words. Michael had strong convictions, but I never heard him say a bad word about anyone. It was fun to be around Michael, and he effortlessly made us have a good time. His many talents included outstanding culinary skills.
Michael left us far too early and some of his dreams will not be fulfilled. Nevertheless, let the trumpets sound in triumph because he had a successful life. He had disappointments, setbacks and pain, but in his short season he made the right choices.
He was respected for his honesty, he was able to express his feelings, he embraced his friends and he made a conscious decision to be happy.
Our mutual friend Glen Downs said in a condolence message: “We did not frequently discuss matters of faith, but I know he put his hope for eternal life not on his own works, but in the finished work of Christ. Rest in Peace, Michael.” One of Michael’s best friends was Elaine Roecklein who noted his “strong belief in God. I’m sure the angels are looking after him now. So sad.”
I know his family will miss him and he can never be replaced. I hope they know his friends feel the same. We will rejoice in the time we all had with him.

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