Pamela Gorman: Sore Loser

I am disappointed in State Senator Pamela Gorman (R-AZ). She was endorsed by Red State and several conservative groups in Tuesday’s primary for an open House seat. Her TV ads showed her firing a machine gun. Pam received a lot of publicity but came in 5th place in the primary. All of the other GOP candidates are now endorsing the nominee, Ben Quayle, 33, the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle. Pam is the exception and she is refusing to back Quayle. One of Quayle’s TV ads described Obama as “the worst president ever.”
Gorman also resigned as the Republican Senate Whip to protest the policies of Gov. Jan Brewer. She did not like the Governor’s support for the temporary 1% sales tax to help balance the state budget this May. What helped Quayle win was his name identification and his fundraising advantage. He only had to get 23% of the vote to win because the race was crowded with so many well regarded candidates. In a crowded field with conservatives dividing up the vote, name recognition and saturation advertising did the trick.
Ben Quayle and Gov. Brewer do not need Pamela. The only person she is hurting is herself.

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