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First Lady’s Popularity Declines: Is It Right to Ridicule Her Appearance? by Gregory Hilton

First Lady Michelle Obama has received considerable criticism because of this photo. Critics claim it shows Mrs. Obama arriving at the Marivent Palace, the royal summer residence in Mallorca, on August 8th. The photo is a fake. The steps are of the Royal Palace in Madrid and it was taken on April 27th during the visit of French First Lady Carla Bruni Sarkozy, center. On the left is HRH Crown Princess Letizia of Spain. I am certainly an opponent of President Obama, and the First Lady's vacation in Spain was not wise. However, Mrs. Obama is an attractive and well educated woman and many of her activities as First Lady are admirable.

The popularity of First Lady Michelle Obama has declined from 64% in April of 2009 to just 50% last week, according to the NBC News survey. While her husband was unpopular, former First Lady Laura Bush left the White House with a 76% approval rating. Michelle Obama’s recent vacation in Spain was a target of criticism for those who responded to the survey.The First Lady used her own money to pay for a $2,500/night hotel room, but her air fare cost the government $375,000. Every First Lady is subjected to intense scrutiny. Continue reading