Michigan is an Economic Disaster and The Bureaucracy Must Go Away

by Rick Snyder
Editorial Note: Rick Snyder, an Ann Arbor businessman, hopes to be his state’s answer to Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ). Snyder won Michigan’s Republican gubernatorial primary last night. He is now the front runner and is expected to move into the Governor’s Mansion next January. He calls himself “The Job Creator” on his web site, and as CEO of the computer company Gateway, he raised $200 million in venture capital funds.
His MBA and law degree are from the University of Michigan. Snyder, 51, was an unknown who had never run for political office, but was able to defeat four well established elected officials. He was fortunate that his opponents often attacked each other. His campaign was self financed and his TV ads which began in February were effective. He received endorsements from former Governor William Milliken and Bill Ford of the auto family.
Snyder received 37% of the vote while Rep. Pete Hoekstra was at 27% and Attorney General Mike Cox had 23%. The other candidates included Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard (12%) and State Sen. Tom George (2%).
Cox had the endorsement of the state Chamber of Commerce and the Right to Life organization. Snyder was not the choice of many social conservatives. He describes himself as pro-life, is in favor of embryonic stem cell research and gay civil unions. He does not support gay marriage.
The most recent State of the State survey conducted by Michigan State University found only 16% of residents had trust in the government. This is by far the lowest level since the survey began. The article below is based on Rick Snyder’s victory speech last night.

When we started a year or so ago, they said we had no chance. But we rallied together as a team. We made it work by having a vision, a plan and an attitude of action to reinvent this state. Tonight we have taken a giant step forward for Michigan. This campaign has been about creating jobs and a spirit where all Michiganders can win together.
Michigan is an economic disaster. We need to focus in on jobs. We have a broken government. Special interest have too much influence, and it’s time for bureaucracy to go away. We have a broken culture, and out state has been beaten up for a lot of years.
The people will be the catalyst that brings entrepreneurship and innovation back to Michigan, and we need to talk about solutions. It is time for positive solutions and that’s what our plan talks about with 10 points.

  • Let’s replace the cumbersome Michigan Business Tax (MBT) with a flat 6% corporate income tax.
  • We need to reform our regulatory environment and realize Michigan’s economic recovery will be Michiganders coming together and creating small businesses.
  • In our government, it is time for customer service government where you are the customers. It is time for Value for Money budgeting that shows real results for real people.
  • For people who believe our government and political system is working well, you need to vote for the other candidate. For people who believe our government and system is broke.
  • I want to represent you, as someone from the real world showing up to Lansing with real worlds results. It is time to start looking to the future, out the windshield, and stop looking through the rear view mirror. And what is out that windshield? It’s the era of innovation, it’s Michigan 3.0. And what is that era, it’s bringing the entrepreneurial spirit back, that innovation, that spirit of innovation that’s in each one of us. By doing that, we will have a globally diverse economy and increased prosperity to our families.
  • We will restore our center cities! We will get Detroit and our cities on a positive path.

We will create an environment where our young people will stay and have a family and a career. Part of it is creating a new culture. Part of that is overcoming old barriers. Old barriers of win-lose attitude, we will overcome the barriers of partisanship, the barrier of geography, of what part of the state you are from. Racial and ethnic barriers.

We will create an environment where management and labor can work together and solve problems. That’s the attitude we will bring. It is time for Michiganders to work and win together. By doing that we will create more and better jobs. We will create a place for our young people to stay, and we will bring a spirit of innovation to make this a great state again.

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