Prince Charles To Advocate Cap and Trade on Upcoming Trip, Future King’s Rhetoric Concerns Conservative Party by Gregory Hilton

At the wheel is the Prince of Wales who is shown with British racing great Stirling Moss, right. The heir to the throne has given many speeches about global warming and the need to reduce oil consumption. His Aston Martin, Jaguar, Range Rover and Audi all run on bio-ethanol fuel. The Prince has been criticized for extensive use of various aircraft available to members of the Royal household, and for the past three years he has been purchasing carbon offsets. The most recent figures are from 2008 when he paid over $60,000 for offsets to compensate for 84 “essential airplane trips."

In an upcoming NBC documentary, the Prince of Wales says his duty is to save the world, and he will advocate a cap and trade system during his U.S. visit. The documentary “Harmony” will air in November and is based on the Prince’s new book of the same title.
The book was co-written with Tony Juniper, the former Director of Friends of the Earth. The theme is that man must live in harmony with nature. The Prince says we must live as “a part of, rather than apart from nature.” He believes politicians and business leaders look at the world “as some sort of gigantic production system, capable of ever-increasing outputs for our benefit – at no cost.”
The book is being published by HarperCollins and many of the scenes in the documentary were filmed in the United States. Prince Charles says he has been placed on Earth “for a purpose,” which in the words of the UK’s Daily Mail is “to save the world.” The documentary contains this comment from the Prince:

I can only somehow imagine that I find myself being born into this position for a purpose. I don’t want my grandchildren or yours to come along and say to me, ‘Why the hell didn’t you come and do something about this? You knew what the problem was’. That is what motivates me. I wanted to express something in the outer world that I feel inside… We seem to have lost that understanding of the whole of nature and the universe as a living entity.

The Prince is now taking the train “as much as possible.” He wants all documents printed on recycled paper in vegetable-based ink. He also claims to have made all of his properties “carbon neutral.”
He will be promoting his book in the United States during the same month former President George W. Bush and former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) will also be issuing new titles.
The themes in the “Harmony” book and documentary have already been reflected in former Vice President Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” Leonardo DiCaprio’s “11th Hour,” and “The Day After Tomorrow.” Last month the U.S. Senate rejected the legislation which would have established a U.S. cap and trade carbon off-set system.
A study sponsored by the National Association of Manufacturers says cap and trade would cost the United States over two million jobs by 2030, and economic growth would be reduced by 2.4%. Global warming advocates are also unable to explain why the Earth has not warmed at all since 1998, or why their data on global ice melting has been so misleading.
A British court would not allow the Gore movie to be shown in public schools because of the significant number of errors. Over 700 respected climatologists are now rejecting the man made global warming theory.
The group includes many current and former UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) scientists, who have now turned against the UN IPCC. The over 700 dissenting scientists are more than 13 times the number of UN scientists (52) who authored the media-hyped IPCC 2007 Summary for Policymakers.
The outlook for the passage of cap and trade in the next Congress is not promising. This is a serious setback for Democrats because President Obama’s budget numbers depended heavily on revenues from the program. Even though the legislation was not enacted the Obama administration’s budget contains substantial cap and trade revenue. This includes $78.7 billion in projected 2012 revenues which would rise to $525.7 billion by 2019.
Many opposition lawmakers quoted Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu who said electrical rates were likely to “skyrocket” if the plan was enacted. Carbon offsets are also criticized by many prominent members of the UK’s Conservative Party, and they have expressed reservations about Prince Charles’ past statements.

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