Taking Back the House: The GOP is Starting to Believe the Impossible Dream by Gregory Hilton

Election day is now less than four months away, and what once appeared to be an impossible dream, could come true. January of 2011 could see Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D) hand the gavel to House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).
It would mean the end of the Obama administration’s spending plans. For months, many polls have reported gloomy results for the Obama administration. Today’s new survey from James Carville’s Democracy Corps confirms their findings.
Carville was Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign manager, and his survey gives the GOP a 6 percent advantage in the generic vote. This would translate into a new House of Representatives with 228 Republicans and 207 Democrats. Democrat Charlie Cook’s “Political Report” says “The House is gone.”
The New Republic reacted today by publishing articles entitled “Democrats Can’t Recover,” and “Prepare Yourself for Speaker Boehner.” William Galston of The New Republic writes:

I doubt anything will happen between now and election day to substantially alter these views; history suggests that by now, they’re too entrenched. And Obama’s ratings, though higher than those of congressional Democrats, are hardly robust. It’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that in this year’s contested races, Democrats who can’t win based on local issues or opposition research will probably lose.

What Would The New Republican Majority Do?
If House Republican Leader John Boehner (OH) becomes Speaker next January, his reform agenda would be outlined by the GOP’s upcoming contract. It will be similar to the document which led Newt Gingrich’s troops to their historic 1994 victory.
Boehner’s first order of business would be House Resolution 1, which would repeal and replace health care reform. Other elements of the GOP contract would be establishing a path to a balanced budget, huge deficit reductions, the abolishment of earmarks and pork barrel spending, restoring the Bush tax cuts, the end of cap and trade and union card check, support of the Afghan surge, and abolishing roadblocks to nuclear power.

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