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Republicans Should Not Support Rand Paul: We Must Sacrifice the Kentucky Senate Seat by JD Sparks

The JD Sparks Family of Kentucky

Editorial Note by Gregory Hilton: JD Sparks frequently makes insightful comments. He lives in Kentucky and I can understand his frustration with Rand Paul and the isolationist libertarians. JD is a member of the bipartisan group, “Kentuckians Against Rand Paul.”
My top priorities are national security, foreign policy and economic issues. I would not have a big problem supporting a moderate to conservative Democrat, but that is not the choice in Kentucky. Attorney General Jack Conway (D) is a big spending cap and tax liberal.
The moderate Democrat, Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo, lost in the primary. He came within 1.2% of defeating Sen. Jim Bunning (R) six years ago. I could never support a liberal such as Conway, but I also have to admit JD has many valid arguments.

Republicans Should Not Support Rand Paul: We Must Sacrifice the Kentucky Senate Seat by JD Sparks

I am a loyal Republican but I can not vote to elect Rand Paul to the United States Senate. It would be similar to supporting KKK leader David Duke when he was the GOP Senate nominee in Louisiana many years ago. Republicans should stick to their principles and platform, and sometimes it is necessary to lose a battle in order to win the war.
Jack Conway is a liberal, but Rand Paul’s election would have even worse implications for the future. We all want to cut the deficit and reduce the size of government, but Rand Paul will not help us. He is totally unreasonable and will fight the GOP just as hard as many of us are fighting the Democrats. He wants to transform the Republican Party, and has already said that is his agenda.
He admits that he is running as a Republican because he can not win as an independent. Over 70% of his money is from out of state and his candidacy is being promoted by Code Pink, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and antiwar.com
This is the wrong direction for the GOP and Paul has already said he may not support and will push to have our senior Senator, Mitch McConnell, removed as the Republican Leader. This would be an enormous setback for Kentucky.
Rand Paul will make the citizens of Kentucky appear to be fools. He has already embarrassed us in front of the nation with his racist comments on civil rights and fair housing, and is clearly unqualified for the U.S. Senate. The smartest thing he has done is breaking with his father on several issues and avoiding the national news media.
Sorry, but I don’t want a country where we have “no Christians allowed,” “no whites allowed” or “no blacks allowed” signs on Main Street. I want to keep the days of segregation buried in the past, but Rand Paul thinks that era was A OKAY.
It is very painful for me to say this, but Republicans must sacrifice the Kentucky seat we currently hold in the U.S. Senate. I am going to concentrate on helping Republicans in other states. We can not inflict Rand Paul on the nation. We need to keep our self respect and demonstrate that Kentucky is not run by conspiracy theory advocates.
Ran Paul is not a Republican and has always demonstrated his disdain for the GOP. His foreign policy is well to the left of the Obama administration and he is dangerous to our national security.
I can not directly vote for Jack Conway, but I certainly can not support Rand Paul. I could never look in the eyes of my half Japanese children and tell them it was acceptable to have Rand Paul represent us in the Senate. I need to tell them that Republicans are the party of Abraham Lincoln and that their father went public with his opposition to Rand Paul.
We can fight a liberal Democratic Senator all the way. As Lisa Graas has written:

I sincerely believe that anyone who supports Rand Paul’s candidacy is complicit in an attempt to destroy the Party of Lincoln. You may succeed in gaining a Senator who has an “R” after his name, but he won’t be a Republican. He will be a ‘RINO’ — Republican in Name Only — a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Rand Paul is the ultimate RINO and if he wins we will be told to shut up, sit down and obey his lunacy because we all need to be good little Republicans. We will be expected to remain silent while Rand Paul trashes the GOP on a daily basis. With a Democrat we can at least be the loyal opposition.