We Are Still Suffering Because of Sarah Palin’s Mistake by Gregory Hilton

Sarah Palin has had a big impact this year, but sometimes it has been in the wrong direction. Her endorsement in the Kentucky Senate primary was decisive, and it has terrible implications for the GOP.
She is probably not familiar with Adam Kokesh and the Iraq Veterans Against the War. If they were Democrats, I would not pay any attention to them. They always want to blame America first and they are to the left of Speaker Pelosi. Kokesh is a Republican and a close associate of Senate candidate Rand Paul (R-KY). Kokesh and Paul have done a video interview about “their movement” to take back the Republican Party, and the libertarian heart throb says he is being urged to emulate Kokesh. Plenty of information about Kokesh is available in the link below.
Conservative blogger Dan Riehl and I are both disappointed with Palin. Dan says Palin “has always been a strong defender of the military. But her endorsement of Rand Paul suggests she took a very superficial view in making a significant endorsement of Mini-Paul.
“I’ve watched multiple videos and am absolutely convinced Paul is from the Alex Jones and Adam Kokesh (conspiracy theory) wing. The last straw for me was when Paul invited Adam Kokesh to a fundraising event for him in NYC. I like Palin. I like her energy, her personality and what she brings to the political table. . .
“Paul’s willingness to embrace the likes of Kokesh is simply too much to ask. And if Palin is comfortable with it, than I am seriously uncomfortable with her. Whatever her reasoning, it was an imprudent and reckless endorsement given her stature. I can’t get past it enough to trust her judgment, no matter how much I might still genuinely like her. If this is the type of change Palin has in mind for the GOP, then count me out.”

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