Daily Archives: June 23, 2010

The Wisdom of Jane Pontarelli by Gregory Hilton

The recently engaged fashion model Miranda Kerr

My quote of the day is from my friend Jane Pontarelli, who is well known in the Palm Beach and Hampton’s charity world. In the 1970s, Jane was a Playboy bunny and her comment today was about the engagement of actor Orlando Bloom and fashion model Miranda Kerr. Bloom previously said he would “never be snagged,” but Jane believes his proposal is understandable, “Miranda has my old body. Now I know where it went!”

The Constitutional Conservatives: Is This the Right Direction for the Republican Party? by Gregory Hilton

This has been a great year for self described “Constitutional conservatives.” They defeated establishment GOP Senate candidates in Kentucky, Nevada and Utah, and now have their sights set on Washington state, Colorado and Alaska. The Republicans they defeated were also conservative, and there was no major issue dividing them. Continue reading