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Democrats Are Quick to Denounce Senate Candidate Sharron Angle (R-NV) by Gregory Hilton

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and liberal activists remained silent about Sharron Angle until today. Last night she won the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate. Democrats had concentrated all of their fire at Sue Lowden who was leading Reid by a large margin. Now the liberals are jumping for joy, and despite Reid’s high negative ratings, he could be re-elected.
The Huffington Post says Angle once “spoke out strongly against fluoride, the substance known alternately for improving dental health and as a Communist plot to undermine Western democracy. Last February Angle suggested making alcohol consumption illegal. There is, indeed, a veritable treasure trove of information from which Reid and his backers can pick. . . Angle suggested pretty clearly that it is unacceptable and wrong for both parents to actually hold jobs simultaneously. Reid’s campaign was planning to paint Angle as, essentially, crazy.”
Angle is foolish to urge giving up America’s veto power on the UN Security Council and totally withdrawing from the organization. Yesterday Glenn Beck said Republicans and the tea party crowd should “be careful who you get in bed with.” He said Angle’s candidacy was hurting “the stronger Republican in the race and thus Harry Reid might sneak through.” A responsible conservative can definitely win in Nevada but Angle’s victory shifts the focus away from Reid’s record. Adam Winkler wrote “The Democrats are going to lose seats in Congress this November but, thanks to the Tea Party, the losses are likely to be smaller than they might otherwise be.”
Republicans knew of Sharron Angle’s controversial background and that is why she lost two previous primaries. All of the candidates were fine conservatives.
The campagin to paint Angle as a crazy person is underway. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported in April 1999 that the state assembly, of which Angle was a member, voted 26-16 for a bill that required fluoridation in two counties including the cities of Reno and Las Vegas.
Angle was a strong opponent of the measure. The paper reported : “Before the vote, Assemblywoman Sharron Angle, R-Reno, sought to postpone the vote so she could add an amendment to block fluoridation in Washoe County. The Washoe County Commission in 1992 rejected fluoridation, and Angle said the Legislature should not approve fluoridation in her county without a vote of its people. Angle said she simply does not like fluoride.”
Why did the Tea Party Express, Red State, the Club for Growth, and Gun Owners of America vigorously support a candidate who is so highly vulnerable in a general election? What was unthinkable two weeks ago could now happen. Harry Reid could be re-elected.