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Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch Blasts Obama’s Treatment of Israel by Gregory Hilton

Obama’s abysmal attitude toward the State of Israel and his humiliating treatment of Netanyahu is shocking. There is grave doubt among supporters of Israel that Obama can be counted on to do what presidents before him did — protect our ally, Israel. . . Supporters of Israel who gave their votes to candidate Obama — 78 percent of the Jewish community did — believing he would provide the same support as John McCain, this is the time to speak out and tell the President of your disappointment in him. It seems to me particularly appropriate to do so on the eve of the Passover.
“It is one thing to disagree with certain policies of the Israeli government. It is quite another to treat Israel and its prime minister as pariahs, which only emboldens Israel’s enemies and makes the prospect of peace even more remote. — Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch

The New York Post approved of the former Mayor’s statements and said “Koch is absolutely right. Obama and Clinton intentionally treated Netanyahu like dirt, then made sure the world knew. It wasn’t just bad manners. It was flashing a green light for Israel’s enemies. By broadcasting his wavering support, Obama made it more likely there will be a new war.
“He also undermines efforts to get Iran to stop its nuclear program and makes it more likely Israel will undertake military action. Yet Koch didn’t just criticize American policy. He went after Sen. Charles Schumer (D) and his rubberstamp, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D), among others, for not standing up to the president. He elaborated during my call. ‘It’s their silence,’ Koch said to me yesterday. ‘I can’t figure out where they are. Take Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY). You’d think he’d be jumping up and down. But there’s nothing.'”
“Ed Koch is on fire. Here are a few of the bombshells he dropped yesterday. President Obama ‘wants to make Israel a pariah state.’ Hillary Clinton is a ‘disappointment’ and didn’t deserve the standing ovation she got from a leading Jewish group.
“Sen. Chuck Schumer has been silent on America’s tilt toward the Palestinians because he is ‘afraid of Obama.’ Anything else? Only that Clinton won’t answer his letters when he asks directly whether the United States is prepared to defend Israel from Iran.
“And Obama isn’t neutral in the Mideast. He’s pro-Arab.”
The New York Post also said: “It is odd but true: The fact that most Jews in Congress are Democrats is proving to be a liability to Israel.
“Silence is not a virtue. There is an obvious split in the administration, with Obama and Clinton the pro-Arab hawks, and Vice President Joe Biden and adviser Dennis Ross advocating a more Israel-friendly policy.
“The time to influence the outcome is now, with reasoned arguments — in public. That’s how critics would challenge a Republican president making the same mistake.
“Later, Sen. Schumer’s office issued a one-sentence statement in response to my request. It signals he will go public if his private efforts fail to change Obama’s policy:
‘If the administration continues along this line, everyone in the New York delegation will have no choice but to speak out.’
“Remember that promise. Koch certainly will.”