It is Time for Republicans to Praise Barack Obama: 10 Good Things About The President by Gregory Hilton

I have frequently described the shortcomings of the Obama Administration, but the President has also made several correct decisions. He has single handedly done far more to turn the American people against the progressive agenda than any combination of Republicans conceivably could have.
Without Obama, GOP election prospects for 2010 would not be this glowing. The President deserves credit for the Republican gubernatorial victories in Virginia and New Jersey, and the U.S. Senate upset in Massachusetts. Listed below are 10 reasons to praise the President.

1. After winning the Nobel Peace Prize he authorized a 34,000 troop surge for Afghanistan and the construction of 12 bunker-busting bombs which could be targeted on the underground nuclear facilities in Iran and North Korea.

2. By putting his name on many policies George W. Bush was condemned for adopting, he has begun the process of rehabilitating Bush’s reputation.

3. He is the first President in 36 years to successfully facilitate the revival of the nuclear power industry.

4. He ignored many of his campaign promises, and I am especially grateful he broke his pledge to renegotiate NAFTA.

5. He has improved the way race is perceived in America on both sides of the racial divide, and has made Jesse Jackson irrelevant to the main stream media.

6. He reauthorized the USA Patriot Act without any changes, and exposed the “anti-war” Democrats as complete and utter frauds. The left only cared about the war as a platform to damage Bush. They came out in force to condemn Bush’s Iraq surge but they have been totally silent about Obama’s surge. The protesters completely disappeared.

7. He broke his January 2010 pledge to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility within a year. The indefinite detention of terrorists continues, and the President is backtracking on his promise to try the terrorists in civilian courts. There has been no left-wing furor over these decisions because the liberals were only interested in portraying Bush as an outlaw.

8. By continuing to fight the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, he has crushed the hope of the people who bought into the campaign abstraction “hope.” They thought the wars would end if the U.S. left, and our presence was the cause of the conflict. Their belief was astonishingly naive.

9. He allowed the Navy to shoot pirates in the head.

10. He started the Tea Party movement.

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