Daily Archives: March 16, 2010

George W. Bush and the Verdict of History by Gregory Hilton

George W. Bush made the tough decisions and will be vindicated by history. He kept our nation safe, and worked diligently to reform entitlement programs. He did not spend 14 months criticizing his predecessor. He came to office in a recession and left with a recession, but for 24 quarters we had steady growth, a record not matched by any other President. The Dow Jones reached an all time high, and unemployment was relatively low. He liberated 50 million people in Iraq and Afghanistan, and two weeks ago 13 million of them voted in a democratic election.
The terrorist training camps have been shut down. The 315 million people of the Middle East will eventually have a better life because of him, and the World Health Organization credits him with saving over 10 million lives in Africa.
Several attempts were made to impeach Bush. The resolution drafted by Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) of the House Judiciary Committee had 38 co-sponsors, and over 1 million people signed petitions demanding Bush’s removal from office. The Democratic Parties in NM and VT both adopted resolutions calling for impeachment.
The House resolution said Bush should be removed because of his “failure to take action on global climate change.” Bill Clinton’s climate negotiator was one of the original authors of cap and trade, led the Kyoto negotiations and was National Co-Chair of the Clinton-Gore campaign in 1992. Even he says House Democrats have now gone too far on cap-and-trade, and are “out of control.”
What is interesting is that so many of the items the Democrats listed as impeachable offenses in 2008 now apply to President Obama. Back then the left wanted to remove Bush because of the Patriot Act, FISA, the troop surge, the treatment of detainees, the use of presidential signing statements, and reductions in Medicare. Obama now has the same position on these issues. They also said Bush should be impeached for planning to bomb Iran, which never happened, but Obama has ordered 12 bunker busting bombs which could be used in an attack on Iran.
The Bush and Obama surges involve the same number of troops. Did the left really care about these issues or was this all partisan politics? Now that Obama agrees with Bush on these issues, they are all forgotten.