Erroll Southers Rejected as Director of the Transportation Security Administration by Gregory Hilton

The Obama Administration has now nominated retired Gen. Robert Harding to serve as the new Director of the Transportation Security Administration. The previous nominee, Erroll Southers, was rejected when questions were raised about two background checks he requested on men who were daing his ex-wife. He also wanted to establish a public employee union at the TSA.
Republicans have highly praised many Obama nominees in the national security area including the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Army, the Director of National Intelligence and the National Security Adviser. When Obama named Gen. James Jones as National Security Adviser, I wrote the following:
“I just finished reading Jones’ excellent January 2008 report ‘Saving Afghanistan: An Appeal and Plan for Urgent Action’, which was prepared for the Senate Armed Services Committee, and I would recommend it.
“I will miss Steve Hadley, but Jones has the right focus. His work in the West Bank city of Jenin involved the transfer of security to Palestinian officials, and now the suicide bombers are gone. Let us hope Jenin’s success will be a road map for Afghanistan.
“The price of oil today declined to $48/barrel and this will put energy issues on the back burner. That would be a mistake, and the comprehensive approach outlined by General Jones is admirable. The task force he headed for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce recommended immediate expansion of domestic oil and gas production, nuclear energy and clean-coal technology.”

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