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The Battle of New Jersey Has Begun: Chris Christie is What We Have Been Waiting For by Rush Limbaugh

Editorial Note by Gregory Hilton: Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) has signed an unprecedented 16 executive orders during his first month in office. He has vowed to close the $2.2 billion budget hole, and has repeatedly said the state is on “the edge of bankruptcy.” The Governor has revoked funds from local school districts, hospitals and NJ Transit and declared a “state of fiscal emergency.” He wants to force more than 500 school districts to spend their surpluses in place of state aid.
In his State of the State Address, the Governor said “Today, we come to terms with the fact that we cannot spend money on everything we want. Today, the days of Alice in Wonderland budgeting in Trenton end.”
Yesterday I wrote about a recent study which demonstrates many upper income people have left the state since 2004. The Wall Street Journal explained this, “So what happened in 2004? The study doesn’t purport to explain what caused the wealth movements. But the state’s most notable economic policy event that year was an increase in its top income tax rate to 8.97% from 6.37%, on incomes starting at $500,000. That’s a 40% increase.”
The tax the rich solution that we often hear from the Democrats has only resulted in a significant decline in the state’s wealth. Jim Hughes, a dean at Rutgers University, says “We’ll probably see a continuation of the trend, until there are no more high-wealth individuals left.”
The following commentary, “Chris Christie is What We Have Been Waiting For” is by Rush Limbaugh.
“Chris Christie has frozen spending. The state’s budget is in shambles. He has sliced into the school surpluses, and the New Jersey transit subsidies. The Democrats are furious. They’re furious because he’s doing exactly what he promised he would do.
“This is the common sense we’ve been waiting for. We weren’t waiting for somebody to lower the seas; we were waiting for an elected official in an executive branch to lower the sea of red ink and to get some sensibility back to budgeting. We were waiting for a leader with guts to heal the spending sickness that grips bureaucrats and big spenders in legislature after legislature after legislature.
“This is the kind of thing the tea party people are demanding. And this, my friends, I hope is just the beginning. Every state is going to have to face tough decisions and they’re going to be state workers, many of them union workers, they’re going to get laid off. They can’t keep bailing them out from the federal government. It isn’t gonna fly.
“Budgets are going to have to be balanced to avoid bankruptcy, and every time a state’s governor takes the lead in returning fiscal sanity to his or her state, Barack Obama’s going to be made to look that much weaker and that much more ineffective. Governor Chris Christie, there is time to save the country.
“This is exactly what a rescue looks like. . . Governor Christie is showing the way. The state’s budget is in shambles. The liberals are squealing like stuck pigs, but he’s doing exactly what people elected him to do. The governor has cut state subsidies to New Jersey Transit, saying it needs to become fiscally efficient. ‘Revisit its rich union contracts,’ Christie said. ‘And they may also have to consider service reductions or fare increases.'”
“Ladies and gentlemen, is it wrong to love another man? Because I love Chris Christie. Taking on rich union contracts, this is what is going to have to be done at the state and city level to balance these budgets in the states and cities and counties.
“That’s where all of this waste is, that’s where all the stimulus money went that was spent last year. It went to bail out states to make sure that public employee union people were not laid off. But the day is coming.
“Thomas G. Donlan of Barron’s, February 8th issue, page 47: tax revenues expected to reach two-and-a-half trillion dollars next year, pretty much what the government spent in 2007 when the budget was $2.5 trillion not $3.7 trillion.
“So? 2007 was a pretty good year. It was just three years ago when the liberals took Congress. Pelosi and the Democrats took over the House to join the Democrats in the Senate, and you look at the explosion since 2007. They turned a manageable deficit into a $1.6 trillion nightmare.
“So we have a really solid idea here, a rallying cry that could unite Republicans, conservatives, tea party, independents and even some liberals, those who pay taxes. Just roll back spending to 2007 levels before Pelosi took over. Roll back spending to 2007 before Pelosi and the Democrats wrecked the US budget.
“In other words, roll back Pelosi. Say it together, folks, say it: Roll back Pelosi! Say it with me: roll back Pelosi. Because that’s where the damage began, and it has been expanded by Obama and Democrat control of the Senate. It is obscene. Roll back Pelosi.”