Red State Bans “Truthers” and “Birthers” by Gregory Hilton

This photo is entitled “911 Was An Inside Job” is from the “Liberty Blog” which is associated with the Libertarian Party. The caption is “The war on terror is a hoax.” Radical Libertarians believe in many conspiracy theories and they continue to warm us about the North American Union, which does not exist.

The Republican website Red State has often been too harsh in their criticism, but I do understand their decision to condemn and ban posts by anyone associated with the 9/11 truth movement. “Truthers” are people who believe the U.S. government knew of the pending attack, and were helping al-Qaeda in order to have a “false flag” to justify the war on terrorism.
The U.S. government did not pack the Twin Towers with explosives on 9/11 in order to justify attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq. The evidence supplied by Charlie Sheen, Willie Nelson and Gore Vidal and their “experts” is wrong. The same “experts” are associated with many other conspiracy theories.
Red State is also banning “Birthers.” These are people who continue to question President Obama’s birth certificate. The Republican Governor of Hawaii has seen Obama’s original birth certificate and has said it is legitimate. Numerous state officials in Hawaii have said the same thing.
The President’s birth was announced at the time of his arrival in 1961 in Hawaii newspapers. There is no credible evidence indicating he was born anywhere else. This case should be closed, and the activities of WorldNetDaily and radio host Alex Jones to keep the issue alive are not helpful.
I believe in freedom of speech and I do not ban people, but I can definitely sympathize with Red State regarding the silliness which is promoted by Truthers, Birthers and the radical members of the Libertarian and Constitution parties.

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