Daily Archives: December 1, 2009

Afghan Girls Would Be The Biggest Supporters of America’s Troop Surge by Gregory Hilton

Our terrorist enemies live in Afghanistan, and now that the surge has been authorized, they will soon feel the full wrath of America’s power projection. Our military has never failed us, and if we stay the course, the Taliban and al-Qaeda will be defeated.
The Taliban claims to be a religious organization but they proudly take credit for spraying battery acid in faces of little Afghan girls. They have disfigured thousands of these children. They are intent on stopping their education, and they have already destroyed 478 schools. Many schools have been set on fire or endured attacks from mustard gas rockets. The cruel Taliban attacks will continue for the next few months, but they are not going to win.
In 2001, only a million Afghan children were enrolled in school, all of them boys. The education of girls was banned. Today, approximately 7 million Afghan children attend school, of which 2.6 million, or roughly a third, are girls.
All of the children receive a free hot school lunch from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). There are 23 year old young women in elementary school because they never were given that opportunity earlier in life. Practically all of their parents are illiterate, but we are witnessing the birth of a new and democratic Afghanistan. The reforms have been slow to take hold, but this is the change we can believe in.