Daily Archives: September 5, 2009

Addressing Major Arguments in the Health Care Debate by Gregory Hilton

No one is dying in the United States because they do not have health insurance. Poor people who are sick are treated and hospitals have to absorb the losses for this care. Doctors are required to treat everyone who comes to the Emergency Room. With universal health care, doctors will be employed by the government. If that system was so great Canadians would not be coming to America for health care. In the UK there are numerous complaints about getting a simple procedure done. Some people have to wait 6 months before being diagnosed. Without incentive there’s no quality.
No one should die because the government rations health care, and no one should go broke paying taxes to pay for new entitlements. Free health care for everyone sounds wonderful. Unfortunately the government has nothing of its own to give us, it must first tax us to pay for it. Nothing is free. We do need a far better insurance system and tort reform, but government run health care has been a disaster for Medicare/Medicaid, VA and the Indian Health Service.
We do need health care reform and lets begin by deregulating the insurance companies and putting a cap on law suits. That would be an excellent start to make things more affordable. Many tests right now are ordered just because doctors are afraid to get sued. The costs of litigation (successful and otherwise) are passed along to consumers, further driving up costs. The insurance industry is also heavily regulated, so our country is broken up into 50 separate markets, decreasing competition between companies.
The GOP is proposing vouchers for poor people, and a national market for health insurance so that competition across state lines will improve choice for everyone. Tort reform with caps on awards, and health savings accounts for insurance premiums. We want to help the 22.4 million currently uninsured Americans get health care coverage at lower costs.