Daily Archives: September 3, 2009

Liberal Parties are Losing in Europe by Gregory Hilton

The pro-labor Social Democrats are headed for their worst ever showing in the September 27th German elections. A poll released today gives German Chancellor Angela Merkel a 57% to 18% lead over her liberal opponent. Labour has ruled the UK since 1993 but they will be tossed out at the next election. The 1979 victory of Margaret Thatcher in the UK was a precursor of the 1980 arrival of Ronald Reagan.The Tories are now well ahead in Britain.
In France the party has declined rapidly in a few years. In Italy the only reason Prime Minister Silvio Berlesconi has survived a major sex scandal is because the liberals are so weak. The victory of European conservatives does not mean the right wing will win here. The main problem is that people think the liberals have no economic competence. The high tax no growth message of the left is finally collapsing in the EU. This is change we can believe in.