A Final Message from DJ AM? by Gregory Hilton

For the first time in the history of Myspace all members have been contacted and asked to write tributes to a deceased celebrity. No, its not for Ted Kennedy or Eunice Shriver. They are honoring Adam Goldstein, 37, who was known as DJ AM. I never heard of him but he received $25,000 to spin records at parties, and was romantically linked to many desirable women.
DJ AM’s girlfriends included the most well known names in young Hollywood — Michelle Trachtenberg, Kristen Cavalleri, Lauren Hastings and Mandy Moore. He was engaged to Nicole Ritchie. He certainly had a lot to live for. DJ AM was sober for over nine years and was involved in the AA community. He attended meetings where he mentored and sponsored recovering addicts. Dr. Drew believes the painkillers prescribed to him after his plane crash last year, led to his fatal relapse.
I am sorry he lost his battle with crack cocaine, and lets hope his passing sends a powerful message about the dangers of illegal narcotics. Many people who tolerate drug use are familiar with his career. They are the ones this anti-drug message should reach. To honor DJ AM, blink-182 canceled tonight’s concert, and numerous recording industry stars will be attending his funeral which will be covered by MTV.

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