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World War II Started 70 Years Ago Today by Gregory Hilton

Winston Churchill: “There never was a war in all history easier to prevent by timely action than World War II.”

World War II started 70 years ago today and it would have been to stop Adolph Hitler at so many points during the nightmare years of the 1930s. Britain, France and the US did not have a united national will to meet the Nazi challenge. He was allowed to get away with aggression so many times. I highly recommend “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” (1960) by William Shirer who was present at so many of the significant events. The book is over 1000 pages and it includes many documents captured from the German archives. For over 10 years no one looked at them while they sat in storage at Alexandria, Virginia’s torpedo factory.
For a long time we did not realize what they were and one reason is because the documents were in German. The Reich Chancellery and other government buildings were in East Berlin which was in the Soviet sphere. The U.S. Army was able to gather many documents and sent them by truck to Hamburg. They were put on a ship for Alexandria and then gathered dust for many years. We are fortunate that historians such as Shirer were given access to them.
Albert Speer’s “Inside the Third Reich” was especially valuable because he knew Hitler so well. He obviously had a unique perspective and said “If Adolph Hitler had a best friend it would have been me.” He was one of the few Nazi’s to plead guilty at Nuremberg and served 20 years in Spandau prison. Speer was 20 years younger than Hitler but he was an architect and that was Hitler’s hobby.
Pat Buchanan’s column today is also devoted to WW II. I have enjoyed many of his articles on domestic issues in the past but it is lunacy to claim Hitler was misunderstood. Even if Buchanan is correct and Hitler would have been satisfied with Poland, what about “the final solution” and murder of 6 million innocent people? That alone justified America’s role in WW II.
On foreign policy Buchanan and Cindy Sheehan are identical. They are both isolationists who are opposed to WW I, WW II, the Gulf War, Bosnia, and Iraq. Buchanan believes WW II was a mistake because Germany was not a threat to America. That is exactly what the liberals say who now want us out of Afghanistan. Hitler had clear plans to invade France irrespective of whether England declared war. The idea that he would simply stop with Poland is rebutted by his own statements. I find Buchanan’s anti-Israel rhetoric offensive, but I have to admit it is mild compared to what appears on the Huffington Post.

Debate: The Libertarian Foreign Policy

Below are excerpts of my debate on foreign policy issues with recording artist Barry Donegan, a self-described “Ron Paul Republican”. His website is at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barry_Donegan and he calls himself a non-interventionist. I am glad he supports free trade, but like many libertarians I still believe they are best described as isolationists. The discussion began because of my support for staying the course in Afghanistan.
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