Trivia Question: The Adolf Hitler Case in the U.S. Courts

TRIVIA QUESTION: In 1939 a U.S. court ruled in favor of Adolf Hitler in a copyright infringement case involving Mein Kampf (My Struggle). Who was the man Hitler defeated in court? For 24 years he was a prominent leader of the Democratic Party. He met with President Jimmy Carter every week but they had a falling out over the B-1 bomber.
Our hero was shopping in Macy’s on Herald Square in New York City when he saw an English language version of Mein Kampf. Hitler’s personal manifesto was enjoying commercial success in America in a bowdlerized version.
He knew the book was too thin to be the original version. He spent the next 8 days adding back all of the anti-Semitic and other objectionable material Hitler had deleted. It was quickly published at 10 cents a copy. Hitler’s lawyers won an injunction, and our hero’s version was withdrawn, but not before it had sold half a million copies and further awakened American’s to the true intentions of the Nazi Party.
ANSWER: The late Alan Cranston served in the U.S. Senate for 24 years, he was the Democratic Whip for 12 years, and ran for President in 1984.

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